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...With the Gear You Already Own

Let me guess, you’re frustrated with how your dance tracks are turning out in your home studio. They don’t have that “pro studio” sound that you want to achieve. The truth is, you’re not alone.

But I have some good news, and some bad news for you.

First the bad news: If you think that buying a new synth or drum machine, upgrading your audio interface, or trying the latest plugin is the answer, then you’re looking in the wrong place.

Gear has very little bearing on whether or not you will churn out great sounding recordings.

But that brings us to the good news: if you have a basic DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), microphone, an audio interface, and some simple music software – then you already own everything you need to churn out professional electronic music.

Everywhere You Look There's Bad Information

Before you can improve your Music you’re going to have to completely change your mindset. You’ve been over and over in magazines and on internet forums, and by your “expert” audio friends that gear is the answer.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

  • Do you believe the 4 biggest myths about home recordings?

  • If artists are recording on their iPhones, why do you need a bunch of fancy gear?

  • Your favourite artists used what they had and not the latest and greatest gear

A Simpler Approach Is All You Need

So you’ve changed your mindset, and you’re willing to trust me when I say that gear is not the solution (or problem). In fact, the only thing you need to upgrade is your approach!

Making Electronic Music is actually a lot simpler than we make it. And that’s good news for people like me who aren’t very technical. I just want to dive in and create good music that moves people, including me.

The Truth About DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations)

If you want to make great electronic music, it's important to understand the truth about DAWs.

  • DAWs aren't where creativity comes from, it's You and Me

  • Why any DAW is everything you need to make great electronic music

  • I can explain 4 ways to get more out of your DAW in easy to follow steps 

The Truth About Software vs. Hardware Synths

Now that you understand your DAW is everything you need to start producing electronic music, we can add an important money saving lesson that took me years to figure out: You only need a few pieces of software to produce professional sounding songs that sound like your favourite artists on Spotify and YouTube!

  • Save your Money - Stop buying Gear!

  • Focus on using as few instruments and tracks as possible

  • Commit to sounds and ideas as you create; Your ideas are never better than when you have the initial inspiration!

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